Tye Dye Party! Ages 5+

Tye Dye is back!
Miss. Mackenzie will lead you through different ways to create beautiful Tye Dye designs! Artists will also get to create friendships bracelets and Spin Art!

1.5 hour of Art Making and Games
$30 per Artist including Birthday Girl/Boy

A minimum of 10 Artists is needed to book a party. If you have less than 10 artists attending the cost still starts at $300
  • Must book Tye Dye Party 2 months in advance as t-shirts often take a while to arrive, and we cannot guarantee that we always have shirts on hand
  • Max 12 artists for this Party Theme
  • The Birthday Girl/Boy can bring one extra white 100% cotton item to Tye Dye

Extra Party Time!

$70 per hour
(up to 2 extra hours can be booked)

Cake, Presents, Food and more games! The Party Continues.

You are welcome to book extra party time, if you are not booking extra party time the party is complete after our art making and games. Miss. Mackenzie or another staff member will be there to help out if you need during your extra party time.

Additional information

Siblings, guests and parents can attend if they are not participating in the art portion of the party.

Up to 5 extra guests can attend a party not including the birthday Girl/Boys Parents/Guardians. The studios compacity is limited due to space, please make sure your guests parents are aware that they cannot attend unless invited.

MackiMakes Art Studio
10135 Township Rd 264, Rocky View, AB T4B 2Z8
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