Mackimakes Summer Art Camp!

Create Amazing Summer Memories

Are you looking for something creative for your children to do this summer?

Miss.Mackenzie is excited to announce her summer art camps are back again! 
We cannot wait to make, paint, sculpt, craft and explore with our artists this year! 
For our returning campers-new lessons, new crafts and new location!
Throughout the week we will explore multiple different materials, art supplies, crafts and get a taste of some art history. 
Miss.Mackenzie has a hands-on approach to teaching, we learn by doing and through self exploration. 
We advocate for everyone's participation and kindness in our classroom! We cannot wait to get making with you!
Only 20 spots are available for each week.
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Homestead Markets
10135 Township Road #264
Currently 2 Weeks are available:
July 10 - 14, 2023
August 7 - 11, 2023
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Schedule For The Week

Day 1
Today we will be colouring, drawing, and making our group Tye Dye T-Shirts! We will be exploring a bit about colour theory and shading as well!
Day 2
We will be experimenting with all things paint today!
Miss. Mackenzie will be teaching skills in acrylic paint, brush techniques, proper brush care and famous painters and styles!
Day 3
Today we will be exploring all things clay! Using Polymer Clay we will be learning how to mix colours, make our own beads, trading charms, animal figurines, and playing lots of fun games and dancing!
Day 4
Today is about textile, fun and colourful creations! Starting off our morning we will be doing some yoga and dancing, followed by creating our own wishing sticks and putting our good vibes and dreams into them.
We will be beading using wooden, plastic, and the clay beads we made the day before.
Your child will also create a beautiful dream catcher! 
Day 5
Today your child will be finishing up any projects or drawings they would like to work on.
We will also be teaching how to zentangle and doodle!

what's included:

Art - Instruction and Activities
Each of the 5 days will focus on a different art form; drawing, tye-dye, painting, clay, crafting, and beading.
Each day your child will have some physical activity. Dancing, playing at the playground, and games.
You child will have time for lunch and a snack. They will bring their own lunches and drinks for our time together. (no food will be provided).
Art Supplies
Everything your child needs for each art project will be supplied during the camp.

Miss. Mackenzie is all about fun and games and has a dance and art background. 
Mackenzie grew up in Airdrie and is excited to begin her journey in teaching! Mackenzie has always loved art and worked at her skills since she could remember.
She loves to paint, draw, illustrate, write, create, play and laugh! She loves working with kids and plans to open an art studio in Airdrie someday.
Mackenzie has written two children's books and illustrated for many authors.  She also has been co-teaching at Airdrie Dance Academy along side Miss. Susan for the past few years and is confident in her abilities to provide a unique, fun, and educational experience for your child this summer!
There are 20 spots available for each week of camp.

What Your Child Will Receive

5 Days of Art and Fun
Days run from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
The chance to make new friends
The chance to try out various art forms
Art to bring home at the end of the week
Time for exercise and play during the day
All art supplies are included for the projects
Their very own drawing set of pencils, erasers, and sketchbook to bring home to continue practicing and creating
Airdrie Nose Creek Valley Museum
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Here are a few frequently asked questions. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please send your questions to me using my Contact Form.

Will any food or drinks be provided for my child(ren)?

No. Please be sure to send a lunch, snack(s) and something to drink each day for your child, just like you would for school. There is no microwave access. 

Your child will be given an hour of time to eat and then play at the park.

Will my child have time to get outside during the day?

Yes. Weather permitting we will take a break and go outside to play.

Are there any payment arrangments available?

You can choose to either pay up-front for the week, or provide a deposit of $100 to secure your child's spot. The remainder will be required by June 27th, 2022.

Will my child receive breaks?

Yes. They will receive an hour for lunch and play at the park. We will also take time in between making incredible creations to have a snack. Children with medical needs such as diabetes will be allowed to eat when they need to.

Do we need to bring any special supplies?

No. All art supplies will be provided for each activity we plan on doing. Your child will even have their very own drawing set of pencils, erasers, and sketchbook to bring home after the week of camp is over.

Does my child need to wear anything specific?

Please send your child in appropriate clothing. We will be painting, tye dying, clay making, crafting, gluing, dancing and playing outside. 

If your child prefers to bring a t-shirt to paint in, to put over their outdoor cloths, please send them with one.

Can I pick up my child after 3:30?

Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up by 3:30pm each day. If a designated person does not arrive by 3:50 to pick up your child, we will contact your emergency contacts to find someone to come and get them. We cannot assure your child's supervision past pick up time.

Where will Summer Art Camp be held?

We will be spending our week at the Airdrie Nose Creek Valley Museum located at:

1701 Main Street S.W.
Airdrie AB
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