November 5, 2021


Over the years outside of school, dance and art I have taken up many babysitting and nanny. Some regular babysitting every few date nights for parents but a couple families as a regular weekly caretaker. I have also the past year had the privilege to provide respite care for a family and add to my list of experience with children.

I love the kiddos and they each have left finger prints on my heart. The hardest part about these jobs though is saying goodbye. In the past the kids have gotten old enough to be able to look after another or moved away.

This time coming the new year I am making a hard but necessary decision to stop babysitting. I am going to continue with respite for a little while longer. But I need to grow and work within an environment that is consistent.

All of these kids we have shared so many special memories together. Each of them have a different and unique relationship with me but all of them are with so much love and respect for another. They all don’t know but they do a whole lot for me in terms of mental health and picking me up than they will ever understand. My bad days are solved with a dance party, giggle fit, dress up, tea party or fun day plan. These kids remind me of the wonder and joy in the little things. Like simply being the dragon in there game of pretend. RAWR! I will be the best dragon these kids have ever had. Or simply teaching little baby benny his numbers and animals. He is so happy when he gets those animals right and we laugh when he gets them mixed up. Sheep’s don’t say moo benny! I will never be late for Miss. Jolies tea parties and cuddles with Miss E and Mr H will forever stay in my heart.

These kids leave finger prints all over my heart and as I move into the next chapter of my life I will never wipe them away. I will be taking all of there giggles, play and memories with me. These kids have shown me again and again where I am meant to go in life. I am meant to teach, to play and to be around children. I love it with all my heart and I’m excited to continue to make an impact in little humans lives.

Those teachers that made all the difference for me still remain in my mind now and again. I hope to be that kind of person to other littles and I know I have been to the many I have had the privilege of knowing so far.

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