Free Drop In Event!

As our gift back to our artists, we are providing a Family Friendly Art Show featuring our current students Art and local Artists work. Each one of our artists enrolled will have the opportunity to showcase their works in our gallery night! Local Airdrie Foods and drinks will be served throughout the evening! Bring your family, friends and Artist to celebrate Airdrie’s Talent!

We will be contacting our artists ahead of time to collect their artwork for the show. Art can be put up for sale if the Artist chooses.

Signing up for 5 or more sessions with us gets your artist 5 pieces of work in the show. All artists that register with us at least once have up to 3 spots for their work in the show.

You are all invited to share a free evening with us at the studio! From 4pm-9pm the studio will be open showcasing our students work and local professional Airdrie artists work! Punch, local Airdrie treats and music! Dress up! Bring your friends and family! Come and go as you please. Please remember, our studio is small, please have patience and take your time. 

This is our event to give back to all of you! It is a labour of love, and we hope you can attend and participate! We know sports and music extracurriculars have their recitals, tournaments and awards ceremonies, so we wanted to make sure our artists received recognition and applause for their hard work this year! 

Want to showcase your artwork at our event? 

Any student that has taken summer camps or art classes with us is welcome to submit up to 5 pieces of art work! Students can submit 5 Artworks created in our studio, OR 3 Artworks created in our studio and 2 created on their own time. The maximum amount of pieces is 5.

Depending on the amount of participants will decide how many of each student’s work we are able to showcase the night of the event.  Miss. Mackenzie will have the ultimate say as to which pieces are shown if we have a larger amount of participation, but of course will make sure everyone has equal amounts displayed based on amount and dimensions of work.

How do we submit artwork? 

Please see below dates to drop off art work for the show. There is no fees or costs to submit or attend.  This is a completely free event.

ART WORK DROP OFF DATES (Dates to drop off your submitted work for the show)

May 12th 1pm – 4pm 
May 13th 5pm – 8pm
May 21st 5pm – 8pm 
June 5th 12pm – 4pm 
June 6th 10am – 1pm
June 24th 5pm – 8pm
June 25th 5pm -8pm Last Chance to Drop off artwork

ART WORK PICK UP DATES (Dates to pick up your artwork after the showcase) 

June 30th 12pm-7pm 
July 1st 12pm – 5pm 
July 6th 12pm – 7pm LAST CALL TO PICK UP! 

Drop off and Pick Up location: MackiMakes Art Studio 10135 Township Rd 264, Rocky View, AB T4B 2Z8

When arriving to drop off, please enter the building and find us inside. We will be collecting on a quick form a parent email, child’s name, parent phone number, signature and the titles of each of the works chosen to be shown. 

Student Artists are NOT allowed to sell their artwork at this event!

Local professional Airdrie Artists over the age of 18 will be allowed to sell their artwork the night of the event. 

We will keep artwork up to 2 weeks post the final date to pick up July 6th 2024. 

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