“Macki has an incredibly positive attitude, she has a way of lighting up a classroom. I'm sure that she will make a great teacher. Her caring nature is infectious!”

Vernon Gray

Mackenzie's Art Teacher at W.H.Croxford Highschool
“Mackenzie Cox is one of a kind. Her talent pours onto the canvas and leaves your senses speechless. She is an illustrator on my team and I can't be more grateful to have found her. Thanks, Mackenzie.”

Shauna-Lee Baty

“Working with Mackenzie in our Baby Bunny Boing project was such a fun experience. Her illustrations just made the story come to life magically. The words became colours, movement, and you could even smell the carrot cake, fresh from Mama Boing’s oven. The result was just delightful, a beautiful children’s book. Teamwork at its best!”

Leonor Elena Henriques

Author of Baby Bunny Boing and the Welcome Party

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