November 25, 2021

Amazing Airdrie Women Awards!

Last year I was nominated by my teacher Mr.Gray for the Amazing Airdrie Women Awards. I won my category, amazing promise! I am so incredibly thankful for his nomination and I am filled with gratitude for all those that voted for me.

As a previous Amazing Women I had the option to nominate another amazing women and my votes counted as two! It was only obvious to me to nominate my dance teacher Miss. Susan.

She is a huge part of why I even earned my award! It is such an amazing feeling to even just be a nominee. I wanted her to be recognized for all her hard work, dedication, passion and all that she has brought to Airdrie.

She has such an inclusive and safe atmosphere within her dance studio, and the respect she is able to gain from her students is incredible. She is more than a teacher to not just a couple dancers but hundreds! Each and every one of those boys and girls that step out of that studio agree that they had fun, Miss. Susan was a safe and fun person and that dance is more than just a sport. It is a passion, a family and an art. Its fun!

Though Miss. Susan did not receive the award this year her and I still had an amazing night together. It was actually quite funny, we both had just been sick the week before and then had this big event to go to. Having each just enough energy to celebrate!

We both hadn’t been in a theater in so long and especially the Bert Church Theater where the dance studio holds there recitals. It was a special night. In my eyes Miss. Susan does not need an award to know the impact she has made on her students.

We shower her in love and gratitude. There are those special moments that melt her heart and we all realize how special a place we are in with so many amazing and kind people. Miss. Susan did that. She has made such an amazing place. 

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