March 17, 2018

Project Proposal: “When I Grow Up…” Children’s Story Book

I’m going to create a children’s picture book! I’ve titled it “When I Grow up,” and I’m creating it to send a message to children explaining that when they grow up, and when they find something that they want to do and that they love, that they shouldn’t let anybody stop them from achieving that goal.

​Every child growing up has some plan in mind when they think of getting older- career plans, or passions that they want to follow. Some want to be fire fighters, some dream of being a ballerina, or doctors, even princesses and dragons! As we get older, however, we often determine our career path based on ideas and encouragement from our parents, friends and mentors because: “becoming a dragon would be unrealistic.” This book explains how when you have a dream you want to achieve, to go for it!
Going into this project, I’ve decided to use my Copic Sketch markers. They will be used to add colour to each of the pages. I will draw out the four characters (a bear, deer, owl and fox) in vibrant rainbow colours to help capture the children’s attention. I will be working on Photoshop and Lucidpress to create the final copy of the book. The original drawings for the pages will be set up on a poster board when I present my book so people can to view them in person.

When displaying my project, I am hoping to have my book set out for people to see. I will display posters and all my sketches behind it, showing the amount of work put into the project. I will need an artist statement, which will explain how and why I decided to go through with this project.

I hope to demonstrate my love for children, and how I can use my creativity to help them learn something that they will relate to and remember. I will also be including my writing for this story, which will add to the overall message that it is meant to send: you can be anything you want to be.

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