May 4, 2018

Published! What’s Next?

April 25th 2018 I officially announced and self published my first children’s book! I have been ecstatic since! My friends and family members have been buying them offline and on May 3rd 2018 everyone and myself got the paper copies of my past year of efforts! Now that I’ve gotten this far everyone continues to question what’s next for me?

First on my to-do list, finish my math homework!

Second, reach out to publishing companies that may take in my book and get it mass produced to book stores. This laundry list has barely even started and its huge! I’m expecting my book getting actually published is going to take a year or more to finally be complete but, when I’ve reached that point I am definitely going begin to make a series of children’s books! My plans are to use different animals characters and names, different lessons and a different setting than the forest I’ve used in “When I grow up!” My book has only been out for a week and I have children I baby sit and family members already reading and enjoying it!

I did not think at the beginning of this year I would be this far in to a milestone I was looking forward too in the years to come. That said, here I am! A new author and illustrator in the making! I have a feeling this is going to turn into something big and I’ve never been more excited in my life!

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